Scope of Business

The Sapporo Convention Network offers services based on five main pillars.

Support for convention hosting and attraction

We provide information on convention hosting and attraction related to Sapporo and elsewhere in Hokkaido via our website. Since 2007, we have participated in the International Meeting Expo (IME) as an exhibitor every year.

Showcasing our products and services at the IME Information services via the website

Investigation and research

We have participated in the GMIC conference every year since 2008. The photo shows a scene from the event held in Denver in 2010.

In 2007, we studied past conferences held in Japan and abroad when Japan’s Ministry of the Environment formulated a manual entitled Promoting Environmentally Friendly Conventions. We have since continued investigation and research on advanced cases of green conventions. One of our approaches to such investigation and research involves participation in Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) conferences. We have also investigated the economic ripple effects of conventions and other related matters toward the issuance of a white paper on conventions.

Creation of conventions

The International Tourism & Convention Forum – an event with an ever-increasing number of participants. The photo shows a subcommittee meeting held in Sapporo in 2010.

We held the Hokkaido Photo Convention for three consecutive years from 2003, and since 2006 have held the International Tourism & Convention Forum in Sapporo to achieve industry-academia-government collaboration in the fields of tourism and convention promotion. It was decided in 2009 that the Forum would be held in various parts of Japan, and we provide assistance to host organizations in operating the events.

Guiding principles of conventions and the establishment of business models

We have taken steps to raise awareness of green conventions, and have engaged in global information exchanges through participation in GMIC conferences. We have also engaged in model projects aiming to create a sound material-cycle society, including the Legacy Carbon-Offset Summit Forest program.

Personnel training

Inaugural general assembly of the Japan Convention Study Committee

In 2007, we held Sapporo Event Convention Academy events to foster outstanding individuals in the field of conventions. The Japan Convention Study Committee was established in March 2009 with the aim of promoting the study of conventions from a more academic perspective. We plan to develop and expand our services with focus on the International Tourism & Convention Forum.

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