Convention Supporting CompaniesConference management, Temporary staffing

Congress Corporation Hokkaido Branch Office

Sumitomo-Seimei Sapporo Bldg. 7F, 2-12, North 5, West 5, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Japan
Person Satoshi Otani
Established 1990
Employees 210
Services International conferences; academic conferences; exhibitions & other events; interpretation and translation services; staffing and education services; operation and management of convention and cultural facilities; staffing and training services; operation and management of cultural facilities Interpreter and translator training schools, IT services, consulting (e.g. urban development)
Achievements International conferences: Japan- China-South Korea Tourism Ministerial Meeting ( July 2006); 40th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors, Asian Development Bank (May 2007) Academic conferences: 71st General Assembly and Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society (March 2007); 27th General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress ( April 2007); 80th Annual Congress of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association (May 2007)

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Hokkaido University Co-operative

Hokkaido University Clark Hall, North 8, West 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo Japan
Person Hiroaki Honma, Masaharu Takahashi, Reito Saito, Satoshi Nakazawa, Hitoshi Ishiwaka, Masahiro Saito
Established 1947
Employees 20
Services Management of academic conferences and meetings; secretariat services; catering; travel agency activities, rental equipment services; printing services and creation of websites; production of signboards; insurance agency activities; sales of souvenirs.
Achievements The Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiation Research Society, The 59th Divisional Meeting on Colloid and Interface Chemistry, Sapporo IAHR 2006, The 10th Annual Conference of the Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics in Hokkaido (Hokkaido University), The Annual Convention of the Early Childhood Education Association of Japan, The 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Communication Disorders, The Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Academy of Cardiology, The IACS 2nd World Congress, The 26th Sapporo Cancer Seminar International Symposium, Secretariat of the 10th Annual Meeting of the Society for Fundamental Cancer Immunology, The 23rd Seminar on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, The Joint Meeting on Environmental Engineering in Agriculture, The 31st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Comparative Endocrinology, The 28th National Meeting of the Water Plant Society Japan, The Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Host Defense Research, ISEM Sapporo 2006, The 13th Asian Conference on Electrical Discharge (13-ACED), The 8th RIES-Hokudai International Symposium.

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ICS Convention Design, Inc.

3-24, Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
Sapporo Office TEL:+81-11-222-2005
Person Atsushi Seki
Established 1978
Employees 160
Services International conferences, exhibitions, planning and administration of events, interpretation, translation, personnel placement, leasing, website creation, printing services and production of printed matter, secretariat operation, surveys, research, publishing.
  1. To expand the area, locations and market of our solution business in face-to-face meeting and cultural exchange industries;
  2. To contribute to the development of the industry as a leading company that provides high-quality, reliable and fair services.
Achievements The U.N. Conference on Disarmament Issues in Yokohama, The 16th International Microscopy Congress, The 7th World Symposium on Choral Music, The 86th Annual Spring Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan, The 23rd International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, The Asia Beauty Expo, The Tokyo Marathon Expo (Exhibition Secretariat), etc.

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Japan Convention Services, Inc. Hokkaido Branch

SE Sankyo Bldg. 602, 1-2, North 7, West 1, Kita-ku, Sapporo Japan

Kimiaki Yoshida

Established 1967
Employees 180
Services Total and technical design and management of international conventions, international and domestic medical conferences and academic meetings, corporate events (new product presentations, promotional events, lectures, seminars by pharmaceutical companies, symposiums, incentive events, etc.) and exhibitions; interpreter dispatching; translation; editing; printing; book binding; video production; website production, etc.
Achievements The 43rd Annual Congress of the Japanese Society for Abdominal Emergency Medicine (March 2007); The 96th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pathology (March 2007) ; The 107th Annual Congress of Japan Surgical Society (April 2007); The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology(April 2007); 50th Annual Meeting of the Japan Diabetes Society (May 2007); International Nuclear Physics Conference 2007 (May 2007); 13th International Congress of Mucosal Immunology (ICMI) (July 2007)
Comments We provided interpretation services, which constitute the cornerstone of international conferences, at the Okinawa Summit 2000. Drawing on our experience, we are committed to helping make the Toyako Summit a great success.

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L Work Co., Ltd.

3-30, Odori Nishi 20-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Japan
FAX:+81-11- 632-5631

Yuko Kajiya

Established 1985
Employees 5
Services Management and support of conventions, events, exhibitions, etc., production of incentives, gala parties, etc.
Achievements Producing numerous welcome parties, farewell parties and gala parties for incentive tours and international conferences

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North Banquet Produce Co., Ltd.

South 1, West 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Japan
TEL:+81-11- 231-0017

Nobuko Kaga

Established 1982
Services Dispatching party and event companions, receptionists, information attendants, cloakroom attendants and campaign girls
Established Dispatch of 80 receptionists to an event of the Japan Electric Association (June 2006), 60 companions to the Lions Club (May 2007)

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Voice of Sapporo Co., Ltd.

Newlife Odori-Koen 501, Odori 15, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Japan

Toyoko Hashimoto

Established 1997
Employees 13
Services Planning and production of, as well as appearances on, TV and radio programs; publication; emcee business; operation of announcer training classes
Established To advance into overseas countries
Achievements Emceeing at interviews with imperial family members, imperial family-related ceremonies and parties; emceeing at convention halls and sports facilities in Hokkaido; serving as instructors at hospitality and etiquette seminars
Comments We also have entertainers and reporters capable of portraying all that Hokkaido has to offer. Please feel free to contact us for further information about not only such people but also emcees for events.

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