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Cool Star Co., Ltd.

Hasegawa Bldg. 2F, 5-7, 5-chome, Chuo 1-jo, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo
Person Masato Sakai
Established 2006
Employees 8
Services Operation of Star Limousines (General chartered passenger vehicle transportation services)
Established To enable our customers to enjoy the vastness of Hokkaido while feeling at home in an elegant space like that of a private jet. To support the trips our customers make privately with their like-minded friends, families and loved ones, with services and guidance offered by exclusive drivers and attendants.
Achievements We have offered services to not only tourists from at home and abroad but also corporate managers, tourism ambassadors from overseas governments and high-ranking government officials.
Comments Our Star Limousine Services make your travels through Hokkaido more comfortable. We provide you with attentive services with a space in which you can relax and communicate with your guests as well as an exclusive attendant who serves as your secretary.

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Hokkaido Railway Company (JR Hokkaido)

1-1, North 11, West 15, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Japan

Masayoshi Kihara

Established 1987
Employees 8,500
Services Passenger railway business, travel agents, passenger and car transport business, hotel business, etc.
Established As a company that supports travel and living, we always put our customers first, provide services that can be used without worry, and aim to satisfy and impress our customers in the areas of travel and living using the transport network as a basis.
Achievements The Annual Meeting of the Architectural Institute of Japan (2004), The 40th Research Conference of the Japanese Geotechnical Society (2005), The Shorinji Kempo National Championships, The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Sapporo 2007.

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Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Event and Convention Branch

Sapporo Panasonic Bldg. 4F, North 3, West 1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Japan

Yugo Ikemori

Employees 45
Services Total tourism business
  • Recent key conventions: The Japan Geriatrics Society (June 2007), JOSKAS 2007( June 2007), FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Sapporo( Accommodations: February 2007), The Joint Conference on Medical Informatics( October 2006), The Japan Broncho-Esophagological Society (October 2006), Advances in Diabetology (September 2006), Japanese Orthodontic Society (September 2006).
  • Previous large conventions: Japanese Cancer Association (3,000 participants, September 2003), Japanese Society for Immunology (5,000 participants, December 2004), Postmasters of Privately-Owned Post Offices in Japan( 5,000 participants, May 2004), Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (2,500 participants, June 2003), The Japan Surgical Society 2003 (11,000 participants, June 2003).
  • Conventions outside Hokkaido: Japanese Society of Renal Transplantation and Vascular Surgery in Shidotaira Onsen (June 2007), PSFVIP6 in Honolulu (May 2007), The 2006 Fall Meeting of the Volcanological Society of Japan in Aso (October 2006), Japanese Society of Pressure Ulcers in Omiya (September 2006), The Japan Wood Research Society in Akita City( August 2006).

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Nippon Travel Agency Hokkaido Co., Ltd. Sapporo Sales Office Event Convention Center

Nippon Travel Agency Sapporo Bldg. 4F, South 1, West 4, Chuoku, Sapporo
Person Akihito Saito / Makoto Ito /Kenji Watanabe /Kazumi Nagumo
Services Tour business, event support and convention planning
Established To assist event and cost and convention secretariats in the reduction of operational work by making use of "Apollon,"Nippon Travel Agency's automatic registration system. In particular, to offer one of the most advanced registration systems in the travel industry for receiving and responding to automatic registrations and automatically authenticating credit cards via the Internet. Please feel free to contact us regarding selection of event/convention venues, control of schedules, preparation of information brochures and websites, acceptance of registrations, arrangements for accommodations and airline tickets as well as provision of information on days when events/ conventions are held.

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